Scaling sustanability

  • > This project is based on the sustainable lifestyle goals formulated by EU- countries.

       It emphasises and visualises the goals of trash-production,

       water-consumption and food-consumption. The objects visualizes the

       desired behaviour of consumption though their scale and indications.


       Scaling sustainability is nominated for the Social Design Award Eindhoven 2017


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    Scale is a vital component in our understanding of the world. We measure and understand our surroundings through our physical dimensions.


    Our surroundings are often designed with an anthropometric scale of proportions for it to be comfortable, efficient and aesthetic in relation to a

    human being.


    But could the focus of design change from the human to the environment. By designing the scale and proportions of objects in our living environment

    to fit and indicate a proposed sustainable life-style can it change the way we perceive our consumption of resources and our impact on the





    This project consist of:

    1) A trash bin that though its size and its weighing mechanism is designed to reflect the amount of non-recyclable trash that a citizen of the EU should

    produce in 2050.


    2) A watermeter measuring and indicating your daily water use relative to the EU’s goal of personal water use in 2025


    3) A plate that is designed to help you to measure and balance the components of a meal such that the composition of meat, carbs and greens lead to a more climate friendly way of eating.


    Designing the scale and proportions of objects in our living environment to indicate a proposed a sustainable lifestyle, can it change the way we

    choose to live and behave?